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Calvert & Hubach, LLC is a leading Nevada criminal defense law firm dedicated to providing cost-effective legal representation through the use of experience, technology, and legal skills developed over 30 and 35 years respectively.


As criminal defense lawyers, we have represented thousands of clients accused of crimes and facing loss of their freedom.  We both work on each case together, thereby, bringing all of those years of experience to our client’s case.

Besides representing clients as their lawyer, Jenny Hubach acts as a Judge Pro Tempore, which is a lawyer who is qualified and assigned to do the duties of a judge on a temporary basis.  As such, she has the additional experience of judging thousands of cases and can bring that experience to our clients.

Of special interest is representing those persons arrested with marijuana.  As a member of the NORML Legal Committee, we have represented hundreds of clients accused of marijuana-related crimes.  Not one of these clients has gone to jail!

We utilize technology in our legal research to quickly and accurately find the most current and relevant legal interpretations to protect our client’s rights.

Remember, many people are arrested and charged with crimes but that does not mean that they will be found guilty.  Effective and experienced legal representation is needed to not only protect the client’s rights but to keep them out of jail!

As a leading Nevada criminal defense law firm, we represent persons all over Northern Nevada.  As criminal lawyers, we not only represent persons who live in Nevada but in all parts of the United States and in some foreign countries.  This situation gives us the additional experience to control an out-of-state client’s case so that they have the minimal inconvenience of traveling back and forth to Nevada. 

You can call or E-mail us 24/7 to get the kind of legal representation and service that you can trust.  Call or E-mail us now for a free initial consultation.