Jenny Hubach is a responsive professional attorney with good values. I call Jenny my family'sNevada Attorney!!! I thank God for her professionalism and her work ethics. My family membersare home safe. Thank you Jenny Hubach for your help. God Bless You.



Hello, I am writing this because Jenny Hubach was 110% the BEST lawyer I could have asked for.(Pricing was very very well for everything she was handing for me) To start off i was in a very tricky situation, with my cases, and had NO IDEA what I was doing, I was fearing the absolute worst for myself as I am in my 20's and did NOT want to ruin my life, but the moment I met Jenny i knew that i was in great hands, i would also like to add i spoke to 4 lawyers before deciding on her, her knowledge, confidence and respect sold me. From the beginning she was so professional, letting me explain my case and situation, then giving me, not only a understanding of why i got that charge, but what we were going to do next and do from there on, then gave me all the paperwork that was required. She was beyond easy to talk to, face to face and over email. We met in person but most of our interaction was over email (due to COVID) she made sure i was in great hands, sending all documents and still explaining to me what they all meant and how to sign them. Making sure to explain all the outcomes and necessary material needed. I also would like to add that during my case i got in trouble AGAIN, YES AGAIN in even BIGGER TROUBLE and although i know that was so insanely irresponsible of me, i would love to add how amazing awesome Jenny handled it and how she made me understand what was going to happen then and now, again explaining everything and answering any and all questions in a timely manner. The outcome of my case was simply amazing, and there isn't enough words that i can use to explain how thankful i am. Her service is unbeatable and if you are in the market for a lawyer who can handle a lot and still make you feel like you're human, who gives respect and will HELP you I recommended Jenny Hubach. Thank you again for your help. I know the consequences of my actions and how to better handle myself for the future and will have a better life thanks to Jenny.



This was my first case and had no idea where to even start. Jenny made everything very simple
for me and handled all the work. Fought the entire time and I was left with the best possible
outcome. I’m very thankful to have found such a good and experienced lawyer.



Jenny was able to get my DUI charges dropped on a technicality. While she may have been
difficult to reach at times, I'd say that her work speaks for itself. If you ever find yourself in a jam
in Northern Nevada, I would definitely recommend Calvert & Hubach.



Sadly, I had a personal ordeal that I had to overcome; however, the crisis wasn't as overwhelming
as I thought AND IT WAS ALL DUE to Ms. Hubach and her kind words of understanding and
compassion. There's no such thing as coincidences and being in the state of mind I was in I
believe it was Divine intervention that put me in the path of Ms. Hubach, knowing that she was the
one who would put me at ease when I needed help the most. Thank you & God bless you, always!



Jenny, Thanks for your help with getting my traffic ticket reduced from a moving violation to non
moving violation. With a speeding ticket that I got from RPD. You are by far the best attorney to
represent any client. Very fast and efficient. Logistics of not having me show up for court much
appreciated. Again thank you very much.



I received a speeding ticket 30 miles south of Hawthorne, NV I was in the middle of no where,
nothing but sand around for miles. I called the Law office and quickly received a follow up text
from an attorney. I texted a few pictures of the ticket, paid my fee online (from my phone). Within
an hour after payment I received confirmation that my ticket was moved to a non moving
violation, no points, and I can pay my fine online and I do not have to waste a day of vacation time
to go to court. My only regret was not getting a lawyer for all my tickets when I was younger. 5
star service and zero office visit required.



Ms. Hubach was the epitome of an empathic professional who looked out for my best interest
and put me at ease with regards to my troubles. It was a great blessing to have crossed paths
with her when I needed help the most. God bless you and Thank you!



I live in Los Angeles went to Reno for a wedding got a red light violation found them through a
attorney friend of mine. They did great job got my ticket dismissed without me coming back to
Reno, thanks a bunch team.



I highly recommend Jenny Hubach. She is highly experienced, confident, and responsive. Jenny resolved my matter to the best possible outcome.



Jenny was very professional and responsive. Couldn’t have asked for a better result and



Great work and communication . keep it up



I was in a traffic accident and was able to get help when I hired Jenny Hubach. Not only did she
take over and easy my worries, but she was able to handle everything and got my case dismissed.
Highly recommend. Thank you!!



Jenny Hubach never hesitated to answer my questions. She responded to my emails sometimes almost immediately. I live a distance from Reno and she handled the details and allowed me peace of mind.



Jenny Hubach assisted me with a traffic ticket on Paiute Tribe land. She was responsive and efficient and resolved the matter to my great satisfaction. Thank you, Jenny!



I can’t thank Jenny enough for her fast and perfect service with my traffic ticket! Any other Law office will make you wait for months on a simple speeding ticket but Jenny handled everything for me for a fraction of the cost in under a week! She was responsive to my emails and I never felt worried!



Bottom Line: Arrested for a DUI? Hire Jenny Hubach NOW. You will thank yourself for doing so later. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the tireless work that Ms. Hubach has done for me concerning my DUI case. Her rates, as I have come to find out, are actually on the low-end, in terms of DUI lawyers and representation in the area. Ms. Hubach has a connection and familiarity with the court system that you NEED. She successfully reversed my license revocation!



Ms. Jenny Hubach is an awesome lawyer. She is very efficient and effective in what she does. Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention how kind and understanding she is. It's almost like like having an angel looking over you. My experience with Ms. Jenny was so awesome! It still has good people in this world and Ms. Jenny is definitely one of them. Should anyone need representation I highly recommend Ms. Jenny Hubach. Thank you so much for being there for me!



Great job Jenny. Hard working and tenacious. Excellent results.



Jenny Hubach and John Calvert are the best lawyers you can get in Reno!! They have over 50 years of combined experience and they both work on your case together so you benefit from all of those years of knowledge and experience. Whatever your criminal case may be, you name it, they've handled it before. Jenny was amazing, she was kind, helpful and answered any question that I threw her way. As soon as I retained her I knew I made the right choice. She not only made me feel like everything was going to be ok, but she also delivered on that promise too. Because of their hard work, teamwork and extensive knowledge and experience... They won my case without even having to go to trial, it turned out better than I could have ever imagined. We all make mistakes, and if you ever find yourself in some hot water I highly recommend you give Jenny Hubach and John Calvert a call, You'll be so happy that you did, they are kind, helpful, aggressive, reassuring and even affordable. I was even able to set up a payment plan with Jenny! Do your research, learn about their practice and their values, you will find there just aren't any other lawyers that compare. They are amazing. {newline}Go check out their website at or give Jenny a call at 775-250-6259 and just talk with her, explain to her what's going on, tell her what happened.... you'll be glad you did!



Jenny is straightforward and clear in presenting the client's options. She outlines potential outcomes in a manner that fosters confidence and equanimity



I highly recommend Jenny for help on cases in downtown Reno. She was responsive, knowledgable and kept me informed along the way as she got my case dismissed.



Jenny is representing my husband, and I give her the two fours because our case is not over. so I can not fully answer those questions yet. I'm expecting those will be fives as well. She has always returned my husbands calls and even has promptly answered or responded to emails from me. She comes highly recommended to us. The word on the street is she is the best in Nevada! We live in Texas and she has done everything, so far, to help with any distance issues we've had and made it all go smoothly!



Thanks to Jenny my life is back to normal. With her as my attorney my court for DUI went way better than expected. 2 moving violations dropped and no community service due to her letting me know what I needed to do before hand. Additionally my DMV hearing was won with her as my voice as my attorney. The highway patrol had submitted I refused the breathalyzer. She won the case thankfully or else I wouldn't have my license to even drive to  work. Thank you Jenny! 




In a city that you're not familiar with, it's hard to know if you can trust a local attorney.  
I went ahead and took a leap of faith and reached out to Jenny. She quickly replied and we spoke and then communicated via text and email throughout the slow moving Covid process. She was always available even if I just needed reassurance.  
Jenny exceeded my expectations and I am so extremely pleased and thankful. She will definitely be the first person I call if I ever need an assistance again. Thank you again Jenny! You're the best. 




I was very impressed with the quick response time! I was very stressed trying to get a consultation to resolve my problem and Jenny replied to my message right away and even saw me for a zoom consultation a few hours later. Jenny was very thorough with her information regarding my case. I loved that Jenny did not interrupt or was rude when I didn't understand a question. Jenny was very professional and credible. If I could give Jenny and her law firm 10 stars I would!! Thank you for everything Jenny you rock!!!




Hi there! 
We had another attorney and had to fire him. We should have fired him six months earlier and then I have to pick up the pieces and did so graciously. Nobody wants to take care of a mess that another attorney made, you know? big mess like take to the bar type mess!  
As of right now she's still our attorney and she is working through everything to the very end. She doesn't drop the ball at the middle of the case and doesn't close the door on you if everything isn't finished. She's very thorough. For all the last year has been difficult, but she still is promising to wrap up the last bits. She understands that people dealing with legal troubles are having as difficult of a year just in a different way and is empathetic to that.




I can't thank Jenny enough for taking care of my legal issue.  COVID slowed the progress in the courts considerably but every time I got nervous about the wait and emailed Jenny, she answered.  Usually within the hour.  Might seem funny to say but that was a great comfort to me during a stressful wait.  
But even more than the excellent communication I had with her, the resolution was beyond my wildest expectations.  I fully expected, at the very least, to pay a fine or something but Jenny got the whole case quashed.   
Thank You so much Jenny




Jenny to the rescue!!! My daughter had an accident while she was visiting Reno so we contacted Jenny! She answered all of our questions quickly. We did not have to go to court, Jenny took care of it all! No points and no fine!! If you need a lawyer you should give her a call, she's fantastic!! Thank you Jenny!




Jenny responded to my request quickly. She is very friendly while handling my citation. And the citation was successfully dismissed in the end. Very grateful for her help. 



Jenny was great! I loved that I was able to communicate w/ her via email and didn't have to come in for an expensive in-person meeting. She was very reasonably priced and reduced my ticket significantly - got my speeding ticket reduced to a parking ticket and got my ticket for not having my registration in my car, waived. I also didn't have to go to court, which was great.
Highly recommend!




Jenny is the lawyer version of Wonder Woman. She's fast, strong, accurate and thorough.  
I highly recommend her services for any legal matters. I received a traffic citation in middle of nowhere Nevada during a long drive from Las Vegas to Reno. I live in San Diego, so I needed someone like Jenny to help me refute the citation. Not only did she help settle the matter she did so incredibly quickly. She's worth every penny. 




Jenny is the best! She kept me informed and updated throughout the entire process and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of my case. She also allowed me to email or text her with questions which was very convenient. I would use her again in a heartbeat! 




Jenny is the ABSOLUTE BEST and HIGHLY recommend her for any legal matters. I was passing through Reno for Burningman and got into a traffic accident and was required to come back for court. I live in NY and wasn't able to make it back to the West Coast, so she attended for me and made it so I didn't have to worry about representation. She was able to get the 2 counts against me completely dismissed!  
I am so beyond thankful for Jenny and her hard work. If you ever find yourself in jam in Reno and need lawyer -- look no further! She is your girl! 
If I could give Jenny more then 5 stars I would -- she is AMAZING!! 




This is my first time ever being pulled over being accused of speeding. I thought I was screwed because Nevada is strict with their regulations and I thought I had to pay up and eat a point on my DMV, affecting me for next 3 years. No option for traffic school to clear the point. Fortunately, I looked around, looked for a reliable, good attorney to help me and due to other fabulous reviews of their experiences on yelp, I decided to take my chances and work with Jenny. She made this case so much easier. All I had to do was send my traffic ticket copy, required paperwork for her to fight for me on my behalf, and voila, mission accomplished. Lowered it down to parking ticket and just had to pay that. No worries on my DMV record and my insurance. Anyone in northern Nevada who runs into a trouble, she is the first person to call. Definitely recommended. Legit attorney.




Ms. Hubach represented me recently on a highly questionable moving violation in Hawthorn County, driving from Vegas to Tahoe.  She was able to get it down to a parking ticket with no points.  I highly recommend her, I just sent her my ticket and she did the rest!




Jenny was wonderful when I was involved in an accident where I was cited at-fault. Being 9 months pregnant at the time, Jenny handled my ticket and made it where I didn't have to worry about court and representing myself as I'd had my baby at the time I was supposed to appear in court. With her help and representation, my ticket was drastically reduced and took such a weight off my shoulders.




I received a speeding ticket in Hawthorne, NV on my way to Reno. Jenny got it reduced to a non-moving violation, lower fine, and no points on my driving record within 2 months. She responded to my emails within minutes and kept me updated frequently, and overall kept the process very simple.




Jenny was amazingly helpful when helping me with a traffic citation I received in Mineral County on my way back to Las Vegas from Reno. She was super responsive and helped to significantly reduce my fine and most importantly help me avoid racking up points on my driving record. She is super professional and I highly recommend her as an attorney for her attention to detail and client care.




A+ work by Jenny. She was able to flip my wrongfully-issued speeding ticket into a parking infraction. This lady is awesome! I highly recommend her services to anyone and everyone.




Ms. Hubach is by far the best attorney in Nevada. She helped my husband get 10 out of 12 charges dropped and was a great support system while we were going through our case. She is a straight forward attorney and will tell you exactly what's going on, what your options are, and what are the possibilities of sentencing. She is a great attorney and I would highly recommend her to anyone with a major felony case. After my husband had been sentenced he had a warrant in another city which she helped provide information on what to do. We handled it ourselves and if it wasn't for her advise we would've had to wait till his sentence was over and have another sentence on top of the one he's doing! I am really grateful she was our attorney! Anyone that needs a great attorney look no further she's right here!




Enough cannot be said about how helpful Jenny was in handling my criminal case.  while vacationing in Reno I was arrested for a domestic, and was facing some pretty serious charges.  I made one call to Jenny who put me and my families mind at ease from the start.  We were able to continue with our vacation and put the incident behind us immediately as Jenny assured us that she would handle it.  We were able to return home with minimal interruption to our everyday normal life after one sour incident that got out of hand.  She was able to get the case dismissed and never had to return to Reno for any court appearances or jail time.. she completely removed the stress of facing any criminal charges.  Avoid the nonsense and go with Jenny Hubach, you will not be disappointed!  Highly recommended!




While traveling through the state of Nevada I was caught in a speed trap and given a ticket. Since it was impossible to return for the court date and ask for mercy I felt the only solution was to pay the fine and receive two points on my record. After doing some web research I discovered Jenny Hubach here on Yelp! Based upon her previous reviews I am thankful for her service in getting my ticket converted to a non-moving violation. No points will appear on my record and my insurance rates will remain the same. Handling my case completely remote via postal and email  made everything simple and stress free. I would not hesitate to recommend her services as she is a true professional. 




Jenny is a fantastic lawyer. My case was extremely complicated and she did an excellent job. Her fees are reasonable and gets you the best possible outcome. She will put your mind at ease by communicating with you frequently. Thank you, Jenny! 




Jenny is the best. I got a speeding ticket in in Tahoe near incline village. I looked for a lawyer and Jenny responded right away. I did not want any points on my record because I am young and it would affect my insurance rates. Jenny did a phenomenal job and exactly what she said she was going to do. My speeding ticket was resolved to a parking ticket and my fee was lowered as well. Just like she said. Her fee was reasonable and she was always quick to reply and responded to all my questions no matter how silly they were. I am very pleased with the results. She is the best. 




My son got a speeding ticket in the middle of nowhere (Hawthorne NV) on his way to Seattle. I contacted a few Reno attorneys and I thank my lucky stars that Jenny responded to me first. Jenny is the best! She responded to my request for help immediately, explained what she needed from me, stated her fee and that was it. No muss no fuss. Despite a major holiday, Jenny kept me constantly updated and my case was resolved within days. Keeping in mind that I'm in Vegas and her practice is in Reno, this process could not have been easier for me. Phenomenal representation and I will not hesitate to recommended her. Thank you Jenny! 




Jenny got my boyfriend's charge dropped. We ended up with only two minor misdemeanors and some fines to pay. Thank you!  
She really took care of everything, we were out of state the entire time. 




Jenny knows what she is doing! 
I got a speeding ticket in NV and then had to go out of the country for a lengthy period of time. 
Jenny and I exchanged several emails and she had my ticket converted to a non-movable offense. Easy peasy. 
It is not cheap - but completely painless. 




Jenny did a great job with my traffic infraction. I was out of state and Jenny was able to get the charges reduced for me at a reasonable price. 




Jenny did a kick ass job!  
I got a speeding ticket on my way to Burningman 2016. If I'd just taken the ticket, (according to the court) it would have been a 2 point violation in that state of Nevada that is reported to the California DMV. So I hired Jenny. While she didn't reduce the amount of the violation, she did have it reduced to a non-moving violation. Totally worth it!  
Thank you JENNY! 




Jenny is a lifesaver. I was looking at multiple points on my DL but she got it reduced to a non moving violation. I am extremely happy with the outcome, this was wayy beyond my expectations. I can't thank her enough for all the work she has done. I was so worried after the citations, but you she was very approachable, calmed me and responded so quickly every time I had a question.




Nevada has a strange traffic law - minimum traffic penalty is Misdemeanor. I read reviews about Jenny on Yelp and requested her to represent. I am so impressed to see that she did what others claimed - convert misdemeanor into regular parking violation. I highly recommend her.




I was on the I80 head to Salt Lake, Utah on August 6, 2016. unfortunately, I did not notice that Reno speed limit is 65mph. I was pulled over with a traffic ticket. At this point, I was worry about it a lot. That means I must pay the fine, take a class, point taking out, and it will be in background record, my car insurance increase after that for few years. I decided fighting the ticket. I need an attorney to help me in this case, but I don't live in Reno. I used Yelp for my request. Jenny has responded very quick. I sent her a copy of my ticket, she confirmed that she could handle it after reviewing my case. I could say that she works very professional. The only thing i do just sign a paper that allow her as my attorney and send back to her. Any questions were replied very quick. The most important thing comes out is the result. My traffic ticket has been changed to parking citation with the reducing fine. Just do the math, if i accept the traffic ticket i have to pay $245 and a lot of money after that. Jenny helped me out with reasonable fee and it's worth for each penny. I need to pay $115 for my parking citation plus a fee for Jenny. If anyone get the traffic ticket in Reno, Nevada, Jenny will be your best choice to fight the traffic ticket. Finally, I would like say thanks to Jenny for helping me out. 
Got traffic ticket in Reno, contact Jenny.




I got snag in Reno driving over the speed limit. In CA I would normally write in a letter of petition but, I found out Reno does not offer that. I randomly search for lawyers on yelp and I ran into Jenny Hubach and read the few reviews she had.  
Originally I was skeptical so I actually send a yelp message to her and a few other lawyers and Jenny responded within 2 hours. After a few discussion I decided to go with her as I did not get any responses from any other inquires I requested.  
I explain my situation and sent her a PDF file of my ticket and she gave me a few options of what outcome am I looking at.  
Within a month she send me an email stating that she have handled everything and I have a small fee but nothing will hurt my record. I cannot express how happy and easy this whole process was. Jenny responses are quick and never late even at odd hours outside your regular 9am-5pm working schedule.  
I would highly recommend Jenny to my friends and family if it ever comes down again. I will definitely work with her again at the same time I would hate to work with her because that mean I have a ticket. 




The Reno Traffic Ticket Master  
Jenny is a ticket master and has the 3 things that count for me, fair price, great communications and does what she says she will do and she does it effectively.  
I highly recommended her for tickets as that is what she did for me.  
Thanks for getting me off.




I found Jenny on LawInfo through a Googe Search.  I had a traffic issue and needed it taken care of.  I don't live in the area so was helpless to represent myself.  She picked up the phone right away, listened to me and gave me instruction on what I needed to do.  She took care of my case personally within one week at a very reasonable rate.  I highly recommend her, she is a true pleasure to work with. 




I was driving a company vehicle around Downtown Reno while on duty.  I received a traffic citation for an improper u-turn that (supposedly) caused a motorcyclist to crash behind me after I completed my u-turn.  RPD had cited both myself and the motorcyclist because he was not able to determine who was at fault.   
I was so stressed out about receiving points on my record and having my insurance premium go up with clean record.  I was also stressed out about the potential costs of the ticket.  I sought out a highly reputable lawyer in Reno to fight this case for me.  I was recommended Ms. Jenny Hubach as my attorney and heard wonderful reviews about her.  She has unparalleled service, professionalism, swiftness, and it was very cost effective to have her fight for me.   
With Ms. Jenny Hubach's expertise and attention to detail she was able to get my case DISMISSED by proving that I was not at fault!!  I am truly happy with her commitment to my case.  I highly recommend her!!!