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Nevada Marijuana Lawyers

The Law Office of Calvert & Hubach, LLC is a leading Nevada criminal defense law firm for those persons arrested for marijuana possession, marijuana sales, marijuana transporting and marijuana trafficking.  As Life Members of the NORML Legal Committee, we have represented hundreds of persons accused of marijuana crimes.  Not one of these persons has gone to jail!  The choice of a marijuana lawyer is an important decision.  As Nevada marijuana lawyers, we at Calvert & Hubach, LLC have 60 years of experience and skill to effectively protect our marijuana client’s rights and to keep them out of jail.  Please call for a free initial consultation at (775) 250-6259 or E-mail us with questions.

Most of our marijuana clients are merely passing through Nevada, they come from all over the United States and some foreign countries.  As a result, we have the experience of working with many out-of-state clients and controlling their case so that they have minimal inconvenience of traveling long distances back to Nevada.  In some cases, the client never has to return.

Of particular interest to those traveling with marijuana through Nevada is that the Northern Nevada Interagency Criminal Enforcement Team has been formed with federal grant money to specifically look for persons transporting marijuana and/or large amounts of money.  The Team conducts traffic stops based solely on the profile of the vehicle having non-Nevada license plates and traveling on a major Northern Nevada traffic artery (i.e. Interstate 80, Route 395 and Route 50).  The Team also obtains certain information about Amtrak travelers and then conducts knock-and-talks on those persons when their train stops in Nevada.

If you or a friend have already been arrested, then you have experienced the Team’s investigation techniques which led to your arrest.  We at Calvert & Hubach, LLC know all of these techniques and more.  We use our 60 years of combined legal experience to pick apart those law enforcement techniques.  We work for you to get the marijuana thrown out, to get the case dismissed or, we turn multiple felony charges into a misdemeanor.  But in no case, have we ever had one of our marijuana clients go to jail.

If you or a friend has been arrested with marijuana, you need our help!  Please call (775)250-6259 for a free initial consultation or E-mail us with questions.  Once you talk to us you will start feeling better about your situation.  The burden of these difficult times will be transferred from you to our shoulders.  You will again be able to feel positive about your future.

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